Special Tribute: Dr. Ann E. Kelley

When you listen to one of these shows, you’re really only hearing a very small part of a much greater effort.  By the time a show is officially “ready for prime time,” I’ve typically spent several weeks – or even months in some cases – communicating back and forth with each guest.  And as much as I try to keep things businesslike, I’m always surprised at how fairly well I get to know the guest during this period.

I think there are two reasons for this.  First, with all the back-and-forth e-mails, phone calls, and appointment (re)schedulings, you really get a feel for a person’s temperament and personality.  Second, both my guest and I are bound by a strong mutual interest – namely, we are insatiably curious about the inner workings of the human brain and mind.  And it’s this fascination with exploring the unknown that, I believe, helps us connect at a much deeper level.

I had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Ann E. Kelley back in late March of 2006.  At that time, we were transitioning NeuroScene towards a syndicated content model, and Dr. Kelley was one of our first podcast guests.  I recall Dr. Kelley as being an exceptionally bright and engaging individual who had the rare dual blessings of both loving one’s field of study – and of being one of the world’s best at it.

Sadly, Dr. Kelley lost her battle with cancer last month.  As a tribute to her, we are reposting the original interview, “The Neuroscience of Obesity” with an updated introduction.

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